How the otaku chased the bisexual girls

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bisexual otaku

There is one word in The Big Bang Theory, Everything is changing and it's simply too much, internet and computer technology has changed the world, it has revolutionized Human society, to be exact, Time and Space is becoming so close to the world that one can know the big news or fresh knowledge without going out, even better than those who love traveling. Seems the frequency of communication between people is higher than anytime before, If you leave a question on Quora, or take part in a group in FaceBook and post this question on it, such as “Hi, guys, i'm a otaku, how can i make my favouritebi-girl accept me?" ...

10 tips for confused bisexual teenagers

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ten tips for bisexual teenagers

Bisexual Teenagers in Puberty is always be emotional and confused, the vigor of youth can not match their awareness of the world (including themselves), as they gradually enter the stage of sexual maturation, they would not only be interested in the external world anymore, Sex becomes the most famous topic between their classmates and friends, not surprisingly, most of them will have a strong interest in the opposite sex, however, as we know God likes difference, there are no two identical things in this world, the bisexual teenager as a particular group in school would usually have to face more trouble than heterosexual, because they have more options insexual orientation which is hard to figure it out. Hence it's necessary to offer several useful tips to guide these confused bisexual teenagers on a right way. ...

What will happen if a bisexual wife having a threesome with other guys

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bisexual women in branch

In this world, every man all want to have a hot soft wife, as a adage said, "a cheerful wife is the joy of life," for a family, wife can be the core role which straightly effect one family's living quality. With more and more married women coming out as bisexual, people are curious where the ship of family will go if thebisexual wife have a threesome sex with other strange men or couple, could this family continues as usual? Here are two stories about bisexual wife extramarital affair, Let's see what's different bout the results ...


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For aBisexual Couples, it's always not a easy thing to choose a satisfied gift for each other on Valentine's day, the arriving of lover's day for many bisexual lovers are one half is love, the other is hate, because the gift can keep a relationship fresh, without the gift of repetition, how can you always find the gift that not only make your girlfriend be satisfied but also make sure she doesn't get the same gift every time, that's the hardest part, especially for these long time bisexual couples, every time they're getting to anxious when some important day is coming, such as birthday, anniversary, lovers day, or other meaningful days for lovers, so the purpose of this article is trying to give you some useful advice to help open your mind and get some new idea before these meaningful days come. ...

What minefields should you pay attention to when you are dating bisexual.

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Birds of a feather flock together. People are not only categorized into several parts through the social stratum, Annual salary or which company they work for, but also be categorized by the difference between their instinct,Bisexual is the one of the branches, and also one of the most misunderstood groups, here are two example to illustrate their situation, when A bisexual guy's heterosexual girl friend knew he was a bisexual, the girl would say that:"God, you damn gay man ." If he was dating agay guy, then his gay friend will say:"God, you are A fucking liar." It's real hard to coming out as a Bi, So most of time they choose to hide their sexual orientation, if you luckily have a real bisexual friend, you better keep away from the minefields when you are dating with him. ...

From the Details to see what kind of Bisexual Man they are.

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People always said that bisexual manwere very purposeful, well, what's his motive behind every detail when he is dating with you, take a look at the details of these dates and see what he's really up to.

The time of dating

If he contacted with you two or three days before dating, it implied that he had a plan of this dating, at least, it means he had a basic social courtesy which is better than no.

If he had never send a message to you until the day of the date, in most of time it means this bisexual man maybe just feel lonely in this particular moment or a period, if you also happen to feel lonely, but also do not mind the results of ONS, then go ahead and enjoy ...

To upgrade relationships with her by few steps

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Manysingle man said that they did very hard to persuade girls to hang out and finally bring the girls out, but they haven't made the relationship upgrade even after they had been dating more than four times, and they end up as normal friends, that's too sucks for a single man. So when you hang out with your lady, there are series of skills you must know before!

First of all we must get to know the content that girls hinted to you during thedating process, then we may have an opportunity to upgrade your relationship, because many girls are reserved ...

5 kinds of topics should be avoided to talk about on a date

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Dating with abisexual guy not only to be a impressive experience but also means to face a big challenge on the talking strategy, due to their specific sexual trends that bisexuals usually get more sensitive than straight guys, if you didn't think care about which topic should not be bring on dating before you go to meet a bisexual guy, then you probably will mess the dating up as you stepped on the minefield of the topic, and the first sight impress on one's mind is the critical element to push your partner decide whether or not to continue this relationship. Although it sound like a little exaggerated to date a bisexual guy, but it necessary to learn some talking skills for just in case to your trains run in the wrong direction.


8 fun date for bisexual couples

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Speaking of dating! People will can't help but think of a lot of romantic plots and pictures, like dating in the rain, dating in the snow, dating in beach, dating in the top of mountain etc...But my question is are those dating methods really good forBisexual-Couples? May be it's better for bicouple to find some new way to make their dating more meaningful and fun.

1.Bowling is always a good way for new Bi-Coupls to date, because it can avoid the awkward when both you are wordless during dating and the meanwhile play the bowling is good for your health. Before to play that you can grab some cheese fries and a couple of beers, After a pleasant chat then show off your best throw! Interesting, interactive, healthy and the most important is it cheap enough for everyBi-Couples.

2.Having a dinner together will create a good aura conducive to communication when the night in, It's fun and warm for new Bi-couple to do a candlelight dinner together, not just enjoy the delicious but also in the process of cooking together to enhance your emotion, For Bi-Couples there is nothing more interesting than improvisation to play a song, Music always can stimulate the couple's romantic imagination. Highly recommended...

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